House For Sale In Shawford, Dominica Shawford, Saint George

Property type: House / Villa


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This fully furnished, beautiful house is available for sale in the lovely and all natural community of Shawford, located in the Roseau Valley of Dominica.  This lovely home contains 1 bedroom, 1½ bathroom and 1 toilet, on the top floor of the building.  On the ground floor of the building contains 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet with a comfortable kitchen, large and spacious living room, relaxing dining room area and large study room.  This property sits on 1.776 acres of land.


This house is in excellent condition and surrounding is well maintained and landscaped with a botanic yard of many different flowers.  The home is secluded and draws the attention of peace and quiet, following compliments of a pleasant and beautiful environment / atmosphere. With a relaxing, high privacy and a commanding view of nature, this home is indeed in a great location – one of the main Tourist Destinations.  It is not too far from the city of Roseau, but most attractive of all, it is minutes away from the Boiling Lake Trail, Fresh Water Lake, The Waterfalls, The Sulphur Springs and Hot Springs.


The surrounding of the property is highly secured, and fully fenced with two automatic secured gates; one at the north and the other at the south, allowing two entrances to the property, with a fully paved driveway leading to this magnificent home.  The fully paved yard is amazingly designed with a roundabout turn, and provides accommodation of numerous vehicle parking.  Toward the side of the home leads to a garage built to accommodate 2 vehicles, with a stand by water tank collection of rain water beneath / underground which stores over 10 000 gallons of water.  In addition to the side can be found the spacious laundry and ironing room.


The backyard adds value to the home flowers, tree crops, a Jacuzzi and a kidney shaped spacious swimming pool for one’s comfort and relaxation.  The surrounding is filled with a variety of fruits, trees and plants.  In addition, there is a standby generator with an automatic switch available to one’s convenience, and all utilities are available.


The ground floor has a lengthy front porch facing the face of the entrance.  The two bedrooms are well furnished with a bed in each and enough space to add another to your comfort, along with built in closets.  The dining room is beautifully designed with attractive curtains, paintings, flat screen television, and comfortable chairs and space.  The living room is designed for optimal relaxation and is fully stocked with all modern furniture and décor, which includes comforting sofas, flat screen television and wonderful paintings.  This living room is beautifully designed for family entertainment and hosting guests for relaxed activities, with a separate and private space which can be used as a study or work area which is already equipped and designed for this purpose, complimenting a large library.  In addition, a spacious kitchen awaits with all major appliances made available, including refrigerator/freezer, heavy-duty stove, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, toaster oven, blender, among others.


A flight of stairs leads to the master bedroom on the top floor, which is fully furnished.  This magnificent home for rent in Shawford, Roseau Valley, has a beautifully laid out master bedroom with matching furniture, large walk-in closet (for him and for her), chest of drawers, dressing table with mirror and flat screen television.  This room is tastefully furnished with a master sized bed, with a spacious bathroom and toiler.


A beautiful home deserves a spacious yard with ample space to have family luncheons, large parties, receptions and room for rest and relaxation. This is exactly what this property offers.  It has room for entertainment, lunches, barbeques and lots of space for socializing.


Shawford is located in the Roseau Valley, Dominica, and is a peaceful and prestigious community less than 4 miles to the city of Roseau; about 5 minutes into the town and provides NATURE near social amenities such as bars and entertainment, schools, churches, and hotels.


Owners are occupying the building.


This marvelous home is being sold at US $1 200 000.00.


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IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Before any person purchases real estate in Dominica, the Physical Planning Division should be consulted to find out if the property is part of an approved subdivision, if applicable, or if their intended use of the property conforms to the official land use and development plan for the area.  Visit the Physical Planning Division website for guidance.

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