Subdivision Lots For Sale In Cochrane Cochrane, Saint Paul

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These subdivision lots are available for sale in Cochrane. The property has road access to both Lots. The lots are large enough to hold 2 buildings or a building with a large yard, flower garden, large backyard garden or anything the mind desires.

Lots 2 measures 8,751 sq. ft. and is available for sale at EC$61,257.00.

Lot 14 measures 10,195 sq. ft. and is available for sale at EC$86,657.50.

Cochrane is about 10 minutes from the capital city, Roseau. The community is well developed with great properties and the lots will be a wonderful developing area. The area cool, private, peaceful and safe. The land is within close proximity to supermarkets, restaurants, rivers, schools, churches and beaches. All essential services namely water, telephone, electricity, internet and cable television are readily available on site.

The property boasts sunset and nature views. There is one home on the subdivision lot being constructed with enough distance from the boundary lines to maintain privacy.

Cochrane is filled with wonderful, warm and welcoming people; just the perfect area to begin a new life or start a family.

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IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Before any person purchases real estate in Dominica, the Physical Planning Division should be consulted to find out if the property is part of an approved subdivision, if applicable, or if their intended use of the property conforms to the official land use and development plan for the area.  Visit the Physical Planning Division website for guidance.

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