Millenia Realty

Millenia Realty is the only full service real estate development company in Dominica.

Our team members operate professionally as a coordinated team to direct all of our efforts toward providing focused, cost effective and timely services to our clients.  We offer a comprehensive range of services to the Dominican market and the wider Caribbean region, from real estate sales, planning, engineering, developing and designing through to construction.

Our Mission

To deliver the best services in a supportive environment, locally and regionally, through the provision of real estate, unique model house and building designs, construction of residential and commercial buildings, architectural and engineering consultancy.

Millenia Realty is able to combine in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience in all matters relating to construction, engineering, architecture and real estate.

Our services span the breadth of institutional, governmental, residential, commercial and environmental sectors.

We strive to deliver superior levels of services, build relationships that grow over time and continuously improve the quality of services to help our clients achieve their goals in the most efficient and economical manner.