Land owners are responsible for complying with the relevant Physical
Planning regulations, building regulations and land use requirements.

Below are some things to be considered before buying real estate in order to
reduce possible land use conflicts and difficulties during the Physical
Planning process.

The type of building to be constructed and how will it be used requires applications. They types of applications required are: Advertisement SignsBuilding OperationsEngineering WorksEnvironmental Impact AssessmentQuarry Works and MiningSubdivision of LandsTourism Projects and Developments. You should also research Planning Requirements and related checklists for the type of building. Once an application is submitted for Physical Planning permission, it goes through a number of reviews from within the Physical Planning Division.

Ensure that the proposal complies with the Physical Planning Division Land-use requirements. This would determine building size, building type, height and location. Follow the links under the main heading Land use and Development.

Before purchasing any land investigate whether the property is part of a legal subdivision. This can be done by visiting the Physical Planning Division’s Land use department. Also see Subdivision of Lands  and Approved Subdivisions.

Projects of a certain size and type outline in Schedule II of Act 5 require an Environmental Impact Assessment. For projects that do not require EIA’s it is recommended that you follow the guide to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

The lot area for individual buildings must be sufficient to allow space for the building and other essential activities. In addition there must be Physical Planning and Development Authority provision for convenient access for pedestrians, natural light, privacy, ventilation.

Ensure that the site has adequate access that considers not just the current demands but also the demands in the future. The number and size of vehicles are increasing and it is crucial that access to a site is established to accommodate appropriate traffic. This would is already be required of legal subdivisions.

Find out whether or not there is existing public access and enough land to allow adequate building setbacks from the high water mark.

Consult with the Development Control Officer for your area as well as an officer in the Land use Department. Agricultural applications are only submitted to the Physical Planning Division if a structure is to be constructed, but it is always recommended to inquire about any Land use compatibility.

Consult with Officers at the Physical Planning Division regarding Land use. See Land Use and Development Plans for Land use options, Design Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism Development for a guide to building and Referring Agencies for other government departments consulted for Tourism Projects.

Existing legislation allows for the Development and Planning Corporation to designate sections of Roseau as a Historic Preservation District. See the following general information regarding Roseau.

It is always advisable to consult with officers at the Physical Planning Division before buying real estate.