When you have decided to sell your property it is important that your property is in a condition that can present it in the best light which allows it to be purchased at its maximum market value.


As a Seller you will be required to provide the following during the process of a sale:

  1. A “Letter of Intent to Sell” that:

– describes the property being sold

– expresses your intent to sell it to the buyer

– states the selling price

– any condition for sale.

This document is an essential requirement for the buyers lender to begin processing their loan application, if they are obtaining financing.

  1. Proof of legal ownership of the property and/or legal authority to effect a transfer of ownership of the property to the buyer.
  2. Details of any encumbrances/caveats that have been placed on the land.
  3. A copy of the Notice of Approval from the Physical Planning Division relating to a subdivision or change of use, if applicable.


Government Transferor’s Fee of 2.5% calculated on the selling price or value of the real estate being sold, whichever is greater, is payable by the seller.