Kubuli Factory Properties For sale (UNDER OFFER) Loubiere, Saint George

Property type: Commercial


  • Income Generating


(Prices are listed in Eastern Caribbean Dollars)


1) 2.506 acres (10,141.42 meters square) of land located on Snug Corner, Loubiere, in the parish of St George, Dominica.  The gross floor area of all building structures on this property combined is approximately 29,611.47 square feet (2,751.00 meters square).


This portion of land contains multiple structures, all of which are connected together in some way. They were originally used as a compound factory most of which are constructed of steel framing, concrete and masonry block walls. The entire property was used for commercial purposes, specifically as a brewery and beverage factory, prior to the passage of Hurricane Maria in 2019.  They are situated in an area developed for residential and commercial purposes.  The lot is irregular in shape with a gradient of 0 – 20 degrees and the buildings thereon are both irregular and rectangular in design.


Fully Concrete Structured Building Basement Floor comprises of: –

  • Open Area
  • Water Intake area
  • Diesel Storage area
  • Generator Shed
  • Water Treatment Area
  • Water Plant area
  • PE Compressor area
  • BOC Gasses
  • Lunch Room
  • Locker Room
  • Washroom
  • Shower / Changing Room
  • Garage area
  • Hot Caustic Area
  • Main Factory Area
  • Brew House
  • Machine Room
  • Filter Room
  • CIP Section
  • Combi Tanks Area
  • Storage Open Platform
  • Open Workshop
  • Tools Storage Areas
  • Chief Engineer’s Office
  • Assistant Engineer’s Office

First Floor

The first floor comprises of the following:-

  • Four Offices
  • Conference Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Storage Room


It is believed that the building was built in 1995 and may have been developed over the years.


Price of land and building: XCD5,745,803.00


2) 8,560 square feet (795.25 meters square) of land located on part of Tranquillity Estate, in the parish of St George, Dominica (Catchment area).


This property comprises of a portion of land, with a concrete road thereon measuring approximately 21 feet wide and 120 feet long. Supporting the road is an 8 inch thick retaining wall with an average height of 13 feet, as a result of the slope of the land. The gross floor area of the road, retaining wall and the catchment area on the property combined are approximately 5,077 square feet (471.67 meters square).  The existing road, catchment area and the retaining wall are currently in good condition.


The retaining wall, as well as the concrete road, is believed to have been constructed in 2002 along with the improvement of the water catchment.


An underground water source is available on the property and a water catchment system is built thereon. It is situated in an area developed for residential and commercial purposes. The lot is irregular in shape with a gradient of 0 – 45 degrees and there are no buildings on the property at this time.


Price of land and infrastructure: XCD698,678.00

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