Commercial Beach Front Property For Sale In Canefield Canefield, Saint Paul

Property type: Commercial


  • Beach-Front Property
  • Income Generating
  • Near Beach
  • Near City
  • Parking
  • Sea view
  • Views to ocean


This commercial beach front property is located at Canefield Industrial Estate in the Rockaway Beach area, two (2) miles north of downtown Roseau.

The land measures 9,892 square feet and is in close proximity to prominent business such as West Indies Oil Filling Station and Bulk Storage, P.H. Williams and Co. Ltd, Caribbean Construction and Development, Harris Paints, O.D. Brisbane and Sons, Texaco Filling Station and Auto Trade.

Other social services and public amenities namely church, health centre, school and retail shops are also available nearby and at the Capital of Roseau.

Access to this commercial beach front property is along the E.O. Leblanc Highway, with road frontage of 56.9 feet along the southeastern boundary. The property also has beach frontage along the western boundary of 113.4 feet.

A single level/2 floor commercial building sits on the property with a gross external area of 9,871 square feet excluding, uncovered deck terrace of 2,212 sq. ft., and uncovered deck area of 625 sq. ft.

The building features three (3) sets of internal stairs, which provide easy egress and ingress to the upper floor. Reinforced concrete stairs along the southern elevation and northern elevation, and a flight of hardwood stairs, with railings in the central section.

This commercial beach front property was damage from the Passage of Hurricane Maria, with loss of roof over the upper floor VIP lounge and bar areas, and with resulting water damage to the interior.

(Prices are listed in Eastern Caribbean Dollars)

IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Before any person purchases real estate in Dominica, the Physical Planning Division should be consulted to find out if the property is part of an approved subdivision, if applicable, or if their intended use of the property conforms to the official land use and development plan for the area.  Visit the Physical Planning Division website for guidance.

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