2.4 acres of Virgin Land at Despor (SOLD) Despor, Saint Paul

Property type: Sold

The space

  • Land Size: 104544 Sq Ft


(Prices are listed in Eastern Caribbean Dollars)


This 2.4 acres of land for sale in Despor, Dominica is ideal for a residence and for large scale farming.  Despor, Dominica is a small village near the quickly developing residential village of Sylvania, in the parish of St. Paul.  The land is presently occupied by trees and short shrubs.  The few residents in this area enjoy the continuous fresh air, constant cool breeze and the sound of the birds chirping.


This 2.4 acres of land for sale in Despor, Dominica is of mixed topography and differing mountain views. It is accessed via the Imperial road through Sylvania on a mostly paved road that later meets a short dirt road and then a short foot path / track. If the new owner wants motorable access, a short length of road, just over 200 feet, needs to be made with permission from neighbouring land owners.


The owner has not yet obtained a subdivision plan for this lot (it is part of a 5.45 acre plot) since it is not required for agricultural use therefore someone looking to purchase this portion of land for residential use would need to bear the cost of having the subdivision processed.  This process is estimated to cost less than $5,000 Eastern Caribbean dollars.


Despor, Dominica is quiet and serene. Many of the lands in the area are being cultivated with crops such as pineapple, yam, dasheen, etc.  In addition, most of the residents are involved in backyard gardening.  Someone looking for a peaceful and tranquil place to live with the ability to grow their own food to supply their home and also to sell to earn an income, has struck gold with this portion of land.  The community is a mere 20 minutes from the capital Roseau and all the social amenities; and 40 minutes from the main Douglas Charles airport.  Most utilities are available and are in close proximity to the land.


The Springfield River is a stone’s throw from Despor for a cool soak.  The Spanny’s Fall, Layou Valley and Emerald Pool are scenic sights only a short drive away for relaxing outings.


Anyone looking to retire, purchase or invest in real estate in Dominica, the Caribbean, or the West Indies should consider this piece of island paradise.  This piece of land will surely be a treasure once developed with your personal touch.  This land provides much potential at a very affordable price!


2.8 acres of land adjacent to this parcel of land is also available for sale.


IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Before any person purchases real estate in Dominica, the Physical Planning Division should be consulted to find out if the property is part of an approved subdivision, if applicable, or if their intended use of the property conforms to the official land use and development plan for the area.  Visit the Physical Planning Division website for guidance.

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