Incomplete Home For Sale In Morne Raquette Morne Raquette, Saint Joseph

Property type: Fixer Upper


This 3 bedroom incomplete home is available for sale on the outskirts of the community of Morne Raquette. The property is situated on the hillside overlooking the village and Caribbean Sea.


The home is approximately 90% completed. Minor rubbing of the porch, bathrooms is required and minor detailing in the kitchen and living room. Electrical works and plumbing has already been started but is incomplete.


This home was built high on pillars leaving adequate space for the addition of a downstairs apartment.


Painting of both the interior and exterior walls has begun but is also incomplete granting the new owner the opportunity to either adjust the color or continue if desired.


The property is in close proximity to the village community center and has access to all essential utilities nearby.


Morne Raquette is situated between the communities of Salisbury and Coulibistrie, and approximately 3 mins. drive from the Edward Oliver LeBlanc highway. This section of the village is newly developing as there is a great demand for lots in this area.


The property is in close proximity to churches, schools, police stations, dive centers, local restaurants including the highly acclaimed Sunset Bay Club (well known for its grilled lobster and other seafood dishes), beaches and rivers. All in walking distance to the property.


To view the unique home viewing can be arranged by calling (767) 316-5050.


(Prices are listed in Eastern Caribbean Dollars)

IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Before any person purchases real estate in Dominica, the Physical Planning Division should be consulted to find out if the property is part of an approved subdivision, if applicable, or if their intended use of the property conforms to the official land use and development plan for the area.  Visit the Physical Planning Division website for guidance.

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