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5 Reasons To Use An Agent to Help Get Your Home Sold

Many home owners looking to sell their property may think that they can do just as good as an Agent, maybe even better. What those individuals fail to realize is that Real Estate Agents can provide benefits that the home owner on their own cannot accomplish. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider having an Agent help get your home sold.

1) Homeowners can be easily distracted by their emotions. Because of how long an individual has lived in the home and the many memories that they may have, when it comes to selling their judgment may become clouded. Individuals tend to have difficulty finding issues with their home thus overpricing the property. Also when faced with constant rejection, (which is likely to occur) and negative feedback, home owners tend to feel discouraged and may even change their mind. An agent on the other hand can turn rejection into positive feedback, saving the owner from despair.

2) Real Estate Agents work fulltime. While homeowners may have their own job and other responsibilities that may slow down the home selling process, it is an Agents job to work on getting your home sold. Between meetings, work and other errands scheduling viewings for prospects can be a hassle, and after work individuals may be too tired to have anything done. In addition, there may be many prospects interested in viewing that may not be serious about buying. This can be a complete waste of time, but agents on the other hand after years of experience are able to differentiate a serious buyer from one who is just looking.

3) Real Estate Agents are more skilled at networking and marketing properties. While there are sites available such as Craigslist where home owners can upload their property it may not be as effective as an actual Real Estate website. Listings uploaded by Agents generally have a greater traffic coming in than home owners selling their own home. An agency is also able to constantly market the property and keep track of individuals who demonstrate interest while this may be too much for the home owner alone to handle.

4) Real Estate Agents already have individuals who may be interested in the property. Working at a Real Estate Agency there are instances where prospective buyers make inquiries for specific properties that the agent may not have listed. A record of their interest is kept to match them with any new listing matching their requirements.

5) There are a lot of paperwork and transactions that have to be done during the selling process. Learning all of this is enough to cause a burden too great for the home owner to bear. Real Estate Agents already have knowledge of the legal work to be done which can safeguard home owners from making avoidable mistakes and potential law suits.

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Simplicity: Smaller Spaces better living

When economies shrink and disposal income threatened, how do we meet our client’s reality? Rather than generous, personal projects, the need for small formed spaces is becoming an economic necessity, pushing us designers to test our creativity with less.

Nowadays, there are plenty of reasons to downsize to a smaller home. Perhaps you’re in the market for a simpler way of life, or lower rent, or mortgage payments.

With smaller spaces, owners can no longer dedicate an area solely for one function.

People would often buy larger homes for a number of reasons:

• They “outgrow” their smaller one.

• They can afford more.

• They need to keep up with their neighbours’.

• They believe a large home is the home of their dreams.

Another reason people keep buying bigger homes is because no one tells them they don’t need to.

So let’s explore reasons why people could be actually happier in a smaller house:

1. Easier to maintain. Smaller buildings are easier to maintain.

2. Less time spent cleaning. And that should be reason enough…
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Watch Your Step: 3 Ladder Safety Tips

Whether you are constructing a home or doing minor repair and maintenance work around the house you will more than likely need the assistance of a ladder. Ladders allow us to achieve tasks in high places and as with any tool you should be aware of the proper way to use it. Knowing proper ladder safety is essential in safeguarding yourself against accidents. Here are 3 safety tips to keep in mind when using a ladder:

1) Firstly, you would need to choose the right ladder for the job. Ladders are rated for different load capacities. Hence, the combined weight of the climber and any tools or materials being carried should be taken into consideration. The Duty Rating of the ladder must be greater than the total weight on the ladder. In addition, the ladder must be long enough that the climber does not have to stand on the top rung or step when performing a task.

2) When climbing up or down a ladder maintain three points of contact at all times. Either have two hands and a foot or two feet and a hand firmly planted. Any tools and materials that are being carried while you climb should be in a tool belt or pulled by rope once you are done climbing. Also, ensure that you wear non-slip shoes when working on ladders and that you use the ladder only for its intended use. Refrain from using it as a bridge or scaffolding.
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5 Kitchen Renovation Tips

Are you tired of the current state of your kitchen? Is it due for an update but you are not quite sure where to start or the extent of the work that you should do? Remodeling or renovating any room in the home should not be taken lightly. A lot of thought and consideration should go into the process. Today we share 5 tips to keep in mind when renovating your kitchen.

  • If you are considering renovating or remodeling your kitchen and you plan on doing more than simply repainting the walls and cabinets, or replacing the countertops it would be wise not to go at it alone. Consider hiring a professional to create an impactful and elegant design. Depending on the scope of work hiring an architect or an interior designer will essentially save you time and money by keeping you from making costly mistakes.
  • If your kitchen is smaller than you would like use a light color scheme to make the space appear larger than it actually is. Dark colors minimize an already small space and makes it less appealing and welcoming. Using light colors combined with natural light has a greater impact on visually expanding a small room. Including a skylight or simply utilizing your windows to take in as much natural light as possible will aid in making the kitchen appear bigger.
  • If your cabinets are still in good condition consider updating them rather replacing them. Simply having the cabinets cleaned, primed, and repainted with a high-quality semi-gloss paint can save you money while giving the kitchen a new look. If the cabinets are too outdated to be saved by paint but the structure is still good then consider having only the doors replaced.
  • When it comes to flooring it is best to refrain from using hardwood floors in the kitchen. Rather, consider using porcelain tile or a natural stone surface. While hardwood floors have the advantage of being more comfortable they are not as resilient as a tile surface. Also, in an area where food is more than likely to frequently be spilled on the floor hardwood flooring is not the best option.
  • Kitchen backsplashes not only help enhance the beauty of the kitchen by providing various tiling options, but they are also very functional. Having a backsplash will help make cleaning of one of the messiest rooms in the home easy. It protects the walls from the splatter of cooking which at times can be extremely difficult to clean.


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Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

It is extremely important that we focus not only on how we can strengthen the home’s physical structure but to ensure that it is beneficial in every aspect especially when it comes to making it energy efficient. One way of cutting down energy costs at home is by making the right decisions when it comes to the roof of the home.

Houses in hot climates often require costly measures such as the use of air conditioning and fans to keep it cool. Here are four (4) roofing tips that can help keep your home cool and reduce your spending.

1) The color of the roof makes a significant difference in the amount of heat that enters the home. Darker colors absorb sunlight and heat whereas lighter colors reflect heat. Therefore when building in countries with a warmer climate it is not recommended that colors such as black or grey are used.

2) In addition to color, the material used for the roof will also affect how cool or warm the home will be. Metal roofs, although thought to absorb a lot of heat, actually reflect more heat than other materials such as asphalt shingles.

3) Use a cool roof coating. This is a finishing layer that lightens the roof to help it reflect heat. It is easy to apply and it does not require the replacement of an existing roof. In addition to keeping the home cooler, roof coating can also help prevent water damage and help restore the roof if minimal damage is present.
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6 Tips For Preparing Your Business For Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are unpredictable and the damage they cause can cripple any business. We can never be 100% prepared but the following are six things that can be done to speed up the recovery period after such disasters:

Have A Disaster Plan 
Every company should have a written disaster plan detailing the procedures to be followed by management and staff in time of disaster. These procedures should address cases when disasters occur during business operations as well as outside of business hours. These procedures should be widely circulated among staff, reviewed intermittently and updated if necessary.

Backup, Backup, Backup
Utilities are almost always affected by natural disasters. Having back-up systems in place is a smart way to prepare for the event of a natural disaster. Investing in a back-up generator can ensure that your business resumes operations sooner in cases of power loss. A back-up water system will also add to smoother operations of your business after a disaster. Further, this system could allow your business to spend less on its water bill if it is utilized during regular business operations.

Have An Alternative Location
It is a good idea, when approaching the disaster season, to find out what properties that are available for rent that could possibly house an alternative location for the conducting of your company’s business operations. Needless to say, this will avoid you from scrambling in the event that such a location is needed after a disaster which will allow your business to lose less revenue from being closed after suffering damage.
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Simple Tips to Keep Your Living Room Organized

In Western Architecture, the living room, also referred to as the family room, lounge or sitting room, is a room typically found in a residential home or an apartment for the main purpose of relaxation and socializing. The living room, being central gathering place of the home, is one of the most used rooms in the home as it serves the entire family as well as guests. Because the living room is so frequently used it is important that it is kept as well organized as possible. Here are a few organizational tips that can be used to keep your living room looking attractive and feeling comfortable:

  1. Most people consider a living room to be incomplete without the presence of a coffee table. Coffee tables are low tables designed to be placed in front of the sofa or upholstered chairs around which family members and guests can gather. But what most people fail to realize is its potential to reduce clutter in the room and provide storage. While well suited for beverages and the occasional snack, the coffee table is also good for storing books, magazines, and decorative objects. Simply ensure that this is done in a well presented manner.
  2. Maybe one day all appliances will be wireless, but that day is not today. The television set, sound system, computer and the list goes on can at times be a nuisance when having to deal with detangling their cords and just looking at the visual mess the cords can make. If you want to keep these cords out of sight consider tucking them under an area rug, creatively hiding them behind or underneath furniture, or putting in an outlet directly in the floor.
  3. When it comes to the arrangement of your furniture be sure to use scaled pieces to create balance. The size of the pieces of furniture in the room should be relative to each other and the size of the room. Properties that are scaled similarly are more serene when used together, in addition the right balance of pieces creates a harmonious atmosphere. Also keep in mind that when the furniture in the room is out of scale, it will be noticed and the room will feel disorganized and unwelcoming.

There are many other personal touches you can to your living room to keep it well organized. Keep in mind that one of the main goals should be keeping the room clutter free.

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Home Selling

morne daniel

Making the decision to sell your home, preparing the home for sale and keeping it in a marketable condition can be stressful. What can be even more stressful is pricing the property, waiting for a buyer, dealing with offers and progressing with the sale process. Selling a home can be easier than you think once certain important aspects are given sufficient consideration and the right decisions are taken. Today we will discuss pricing your property right.

Marketing your property at the right price is one of the most important decisions that a home seller can make. When a home seller sits down to come up with a sale price, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement over choosing the sale price. Selling for more money may seem to be the best option as this may mean more financial opportunities, like taking a long vacation.

When you price your property too high – it stays on the market longer. You may then have to reduce the price which may result in potential buyers forming negative opinions on the property, which may not necessarily be true.

A smart approach to getting your property off the market quickly is to find a knowledgeable agent who understands the local market and then work together on setting the right price. A good agent can help you avoid the overpricing trap.

An experienced agent will help set the right price for your home by considering the following:
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