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Advantages of an Open Concept Home

An open concept home provides many benefits to homeowners compared to homes where every room is enclosed by walls.  Here are 6 advantages of an open concept home design.

  • Spaciousness

The interior walls of a building take up a lot of space. While it may not be a significant amount of square footage, it takes up a lot of visual space.  By removing the walls and other barriers the home appears larger due to the increase in distance from one point to another.

  • Lighting and Scenery

With an open concept home there are very little barriers that can hinder the flow of natural lighting into the home. This benefits home owners in that an increase in light from the sun and even the moon can help cut down on use of electricity. An open concept house also provides constant accesses to the stunning and breathtaking views from our natural environment.

  • Proper Ventilation

Not only does an open concept home maximize the amount of light entering the home, it also increases the air entering the home as well. Without walls to get in the way, the breeze entering through the windows and doors can properly circulate through the home providing a cool and refreshing sensation throughout.

  • Family Socializing

Tearing down the literal walls within the home can build metaphorical bridges, uniting the family. Having an open concept house plan increases the frequency of family members being in contact with one another and creates greater avenues for family bonding. While mom may be in the kitchen area preparing a meal the rest of the family is within sight. This also allows for more effective communication between family members.

  • Entertaining Guests

Homes built with an open concept design are ideal for hosting events, parties or just having a group of friends over for a fun gathering. The spacious nature of the room makes it a perfect area to watch a movie while eating, and having other activities going on simultaneously, especially compared to homes with a lot of interior walls making the home feel congested.

  • Safety and Security

Open concept homes make it easier to keep an eye on small children while they frolic through the home. In homes where rooms are separated by interior walls and where there may be hallways providing even more separation, it is easy to lose sight of a child, and the slightest glance away can have them wondering off where they can get hurt. An open concept home allows for better supervision.