General Benefits

As a citizen of Dominica, you can partake in a wealth of opportunities and experiences, including:

  • Living in a peaceful and welcoming country for life, in the knowledge that you have contributed to its prosperity through an outstanding citizenship by investment programme
  • Becoming part of a global community that transcends Dominica’s land borders
  • Global mobility, including visa-free travel to over 120 countries and territories, from Singapore and Hong Kong, to the European Union and the United Kingdom
  • Minimal taxation – no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains tax
  • Full residence status, with the right to live and work in Dominica if you so choose to
  • The ability to hold multiple citizenships
  • The freedom to live abroad if you are legally able to under the laws of your host nation, as there is no requirement to reside in Dominica before or after citizenship is granted

Lifestyle Benefits

Dominica is named time and time again as one of the world’s happiest places in which to live. Boasting a high number of centurions (people who have lived to be older than 100 years), it offers a tranquil lifestyle within a safe, peaceful, and pristine environment and a culturally vibrant and friendly community.

The ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’ is a tropical paradise and one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a land of natural beauty, with hundreds of rivers and waterfalls, rugged mountains covered in green, and dramatic cliffs overlooking the turquoise sea.

Dominica hosts the world’s second-largest hot spring, Boiling Lake, and is home to many rare plant and animal species, including our national bird and symbol, the Sisserou Parrot. Our clear and calm sea offers spectacular dive and snorkelling sites, including shipwrecks and even underwater hot springs.

In 1998, Dominica’s Morne Trois Pitons National Park was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Since 1997, Dominica has actively participated in the work of Green Globe to develop a model for ecotourism within our island.

Business Benefits

The Government of Dominica provides a number of fiscal and other concessions that aim to make doing business on our island even more attractive. These include generous tax holidays, import duty and tax waivers, and streamlined processes. A list of business advantages is available below.

  • Minimal taxation – no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains tax and no personal income tax for residents
  • Dominica is a signatory of double taxation treaties with the USA and the CARICOM
  • There is no restriction on the repatriation of profits and imported capital
  • Generous incentive packages include corporate tax incentives, full exemption from import duties, tax relief benefits, and export allowance
  • The currency, the East Caribbean dollar (XCD), is pegged to the US dollar (USD) at a fixed rate
  • Access to several markets duty-free across the Caribbean

International Mobility

Holders of Dominican passports can use them to travel internationally and benefit from the many visa-free travel regimes the Dominican Government has established with its allies across the globe. Some of the major hubs available to those travelling on a Dominican passport include the United Kingdom, with whom Dominica shares a long history, Singapore, Hong Kong and the European nations of the Schengen Area.

Successful applicants for citizenship by investment who then apply for a Dominican passport can benefit from visa-free travel or visas-on-arrival (*) to the countries below. It must be noted that this list is fluid and subject to change. We strongly advise you to contact the relevant government authorities and agencies prior to making travel arrangements.





Step 1

The first step for applying for citizenship is to choose an agent from the list of Authorised Agents. Applications for citizenship cannot be submitted directly to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) and must only be handled by an Authorised Agent.

An “Authorised Agent” means a person licensed by the Citizenship by Investment Unit who has paid the Authorised Agent’s fee pursuant to paragraph 1(1) of the Schedule of the Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Regulations, 2014, and is authorised to act on behalf of the main applicant in relation to a citizenship by investment application.a

Step 2

The second step is to contact your chosen Authorised Agent, who will provide you with assistance in preparing your forms and documentation for submission to the CBIU. You will need to complete the official forms, attend a medical examination, and obtain certain supporting documents, all of which need to be submitted in English and with the appropriate notarisation and legalisation. If you are purchasing property, this will need to be reserved through a sales and purchase agreement.

Step 3

Your application will be vetted through a thorough due diligence background check which will verify the information that you have provided. The CBIU will consider the file in the light of the due diligence report, and will make a recommendation on your application to the Government.

You will receive a letter through your Authorised Agent that will inform you as to whether your application was successful (‘Approval in Principle’), delayed for further processing, or rejected.

Step 4

When all of your forms are complete, and documents collected, your Authorised Agent will submit your application to the CBIU and will liaise with the CBIU on your behalf.

The Authorised Agent will attend to all correspondence, queries, or questions on your file that may arise in due course.

There is currently no mandatory interview requirement under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme. However, an interview may be required at the discretion of the Government.

Step 5

If your application was approved in principle, the letter issued by the CBIU will also instruct you to make the contribution payment (for the Economic Diversification Fund option) or to complete the payment of the real estate property.

Upon receiving proof of payment, the CBIU will issue your certificate of registration, which stands as evidence of your citizenship and which can be used by yourself or your Authorised Agent to apply for a Dominican passport.



  • D1 – Disclosure Form
  • D2 – Fingerprint and Photograph Verification Form (to be completed in front of a fingerprinting officer)
  • D3 – Medical Questionnaire and Certificate (to be completed by a licensed medical practitioner)
  • D4 – Investment Agreement (EDF option only; to be completed by the main applicant only)
  • Sales and Purchase Agreement – (real estate option only)
  • Application Form 12 (two (2) completed and notarised copies)
  • Colour copies of all passports held
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate/Dissolution of Marriage Certificate, if applicable
  • Police Record from country of birth, country of citizenship, country of residence (if different), and any country in which the applicant has resided in the past 10 years, for each applicant sixteen (16) years and over. For children aged twelve to fifteen (12-15), a sworn affidavit by the parent that a child does not have criminal record is required.
  • Colour copy of driver’s licence
  • Colour copies of all identity documents/books or cards
  • Colour copies of all military service and discharge documents, if applicable
  • Colour copies of all documents evidencing a name change (other than through marriage), if applicable
  • Eight (8) passport-size photos
  • Proof of residential address (lease agreement or utility bill)
  • Colour copies of university/college diplomas
  • Letter of recommendation from the head of the school/university for children between 12 and 18 years old
  • Notarised affidavit of support for children between 18 and 30 years old
  • HIV test results (for all applicants aged 12 or above)
  • Routine blood and urine test results
  • One (1) professional reference
  • Letter of employment/financial statements
  • 12 months bank statements
  • Notarised affidavit of source of funds
  • Detailed business background reports/resume/CV
  • Letter to the Minister
  • Proof of payment of relevant fees

All colour copies must be notarised and legalised prior to submission. All documents not in English must be translated, notarised, and legalised.

Please note that the following documents have been waived for all applicants effective 1 May 2017:

  1. Bank reference
  2. Personal references
  3. Immunisation schedule
  4. Audited financial reports

Agents must, however, inform applicants that the bank reference and audited financial reports for the two most recent years are required by the bank for the processing of funds.





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Applications for citizenship cannot be submitted directly to the Citizenship by Investment Unit and must only be handled by an Authorised Agent.

The regulations governing the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme restrict the promotion, dissemination, and advertisement of the Programme to those persons who have been approved to take these actions. Persons who fail to comply with these regulations are potentially liable to a conviction and a fine, as well as to having their name appear on this website as an unauthorised person or entity.

Advertising and promotion, including uploading online content about the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme, is strictly prohibited unless specific authorisation has been sought and received from the Government of Dominica. Persons who wish to promote, market, or advertise the Programme must prepare and lodge a formal application with the Citizenship by Investment Unit.

WARNING: Potential investors must ensure that they are only dealing with Authorised Agents, a list of which can be found on this page.

Persons are advised to refrain from conducting business relating to citizenship by investment with persons or entities whose names do not appear on this official list.

Kent Citizenship Services is not an Authorised Agent under the Citizenship by Investment Programme.


Dominica’s Citizenship-by-Investment-Funded Jungle Bay Resort & Spa Will Reopen Next Month

Jungle Bay, an award-winning adventure and wellness resort, is set to open for business in October this year. Located on the Commonwealth of Dominica, the eco-luxury project is part of the Nature Isle’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme which allows investors and their family to become Dominican citizens after making an economic contribution. On his radio talk show recently, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit praised Jungle Bay’s efforts to keep its workers employed during the COVID-19 period. Read more

Dominica’s Citizenship-by-Investment-Funded Secret Bay Resort is Expanding

The Commonwealth of Dominica’s Secret Bay resort has recently announced that it will be adding four new, two-story villas to its existing portfolio, bringing its number of villas to 10. The villas will feature floor-to-ceiling glass walls, private plunge pools and outdoor rain showers, amongst other details that the eco-resort masters. Secret Bay also revealed that it is now accepting reservations on the new villas for November. Read more

More Families in Dominica to Receive Hurricane-proof Housing Built With Citizenship by Investment Funds

Before the hurricane season starts in three weeks, 150 more families from the Commonwealth of Dominica will receive the keys to their new, safe homes. The hurricane-proof units were built as part of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s Housing Revolution, fully funded by the island’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. The Dominican authorities reassure more families in need that they will have safe homes to live in before the start of the hurricane season, usually set for June. Read more

Citizenship for Good: How Dominica Benefits From Welcoming Economic Citizens

The Commonwealth of Dominica took centre stage in a new episode of the ‘Plan B’ podcast released on Wednesday by CS Global Partners. The discussion themed around the benefits of Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programmes to the nations offering them, where Dominica prevailed in terms of the magnitude of the impact CBI has on its economy. Read more

Why Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment is a Benchmark for Countries Considering Investor Immigration Programmes

Overcoming Hurricane Maria’s widespread devastation in 2017, the Commonwealth of Dominica set an example of crisis management, resilience and efficient response through its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. His Excellency Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan, the Head of the Dominican Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) took part in a webinar hosted earlier this month by government advisory CS Global Partners, where he explained how the Caribbean island succeeded against all odds. Read more

Middle Easterners Apply for Citizenship by Investment From Dominica

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) from the Commonwealth of Dominica remains in demand in the Middle East. Earlier this month, Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan, the Head of the Citizenship by Investment Unit, spoke with London-headquartered government advisory CS Global Partners about why Dominica remains a popular choice with investors of good moral character. Read more

Dominica Processes Citizenship by Investment Applications in Three Months

The Commonwealth of Dominica is the best country for Citizenship by Investment (CBI), according to an independent report published by FT Specialist. Reputable investors continue to trust it, while governments considering implementing a CBI Programme look up to Dominica as a benchmark. Read more

Dominica Provides Most Secure and Efficient Route to Second Citizenship via EDF

The Commonwealth of Dominica offers the world’s best Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme, according to an independent study published by an FT Specialist magazine. It boasts a reputation for accessibility, efficiency and integrity. His Excellency Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan, Head of the Dominican Citizenship by Investment Unit, spoke to London-headquartered advisory CS Global Partners about how the Programme works. Read more

Everything you need to know beyond Dominica Citizenship

If you are interested to have the citizenship by investment, you can earn it in two ways. The first process is to make economic contribution to the government and the other way is through investing in real estate. Read more

Dominica Allows Agents to Submit Citizenship by Investment Applications Online

The Commonwealth of Dominica, the country considered the best in the world for citizenship by investment (CBI), announced last week that it now accepts CBI applications submitted online. The adjustment was introduced to contain and prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus. The Dominican Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) has now moved its operations remotely. Read more

Webinar on Finding Certainty With Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme Takes Place on April 2

Leading government advisory in investor immigration, CS Global Partners, is hosting a webinar on Thursday, April 2, 2020. Themed “Finding Certainty with Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme,” the webinar addresses key aspects to consider when seeking second citizenship by means of investment. Read more

Dominica CBI: The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme For CEOs, Business Leaders, and High Net Worth Individuals

Dominica, officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica, has become one of the most affordable and flexible Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs available. A diverse blend of English, French, African and Carib peoples and cultures, Dominica is a politically and economically stable state with the lowest crime rate in the region. A $100,000 donation, or a $200,000 property purchase on the island, establish Dominican citizenship for the whole family, including children and parents. Read more

New Financial Times Documentary: Dominica Is Carving a Niche of Its Own in Ecotourism, Raising Foreign Capital via Citizenship by Investment

The Commonwealth of Dominica is “carving a niche of its own” in the international tourism industry by establishing an inspiring ecotourism sector, a new Financial Times documentary reveals. Six brand new eco-conscious luxury hotels have already opened or are being developed on the ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’, all of which raise foreign capital via the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. Read more

New International Airport Is Coming to Dominica to Accompany Emerging Ecotourism, Funded by Its Citizenship by Investment

Plans to build a new international airport in Dominica have reached an important milestone as the government announces that it has raised sufficient funds to start implementing the much-anticipated project. The Skerrit administration had been saving millions every month from the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme to put Dominica on the global map as an upmarket ecotourist destination. The government synchronised this perfectly with the emergence of several luxury hotels and resorts built with contributions from CBI applicants. Read more

New FT Specialist Documentary Reveals the Real Benefits of Citizenship by Investment to Dominica

Dominica is on the right track to become the first Caribbean island to go fully green, sponsored by its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme, a new FT Specialist documentary reveals. Foreign direct investment via CBI is uniquely leading to over 6,000 hurricane-proof homes being built. The government is investing substantial CBI funds into building climate resilience and has carried out mass rehabilitation projects in recent years. Read more

Dominica Resort Approved for Citizenship by Investment Gets Certified by Green Globe – A Premiere in the Caribbean

The Commonwealth of Dominica is taking centre stage for its inspiring climate resilience initiatives and developing an exquisite ecotourism sector. It achieves this thanks to Dominicans’ intrinsic resilient nature, their respect for their island, and attracting eco-conscious foreign investors, with funding for implementation of these green projects largely coming from Dominica’s prestigious Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. Read more

Kempinski Opens Its First Caribbean Hotel in Dominica, With Citizenship by Investment Shares Already Sold Out

Last week, Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group officially launched its first resort in the Eastern Caribbean region, with special guests expected to fly in the following weeks. Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Resort Dominica is the first internationally branded hotel to debut on the ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’ and will be a major boost for the country’s economy. Its development was partly funded via Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme – a worldwide success according to FT experts – whereby highly vetted investors also had the chance to become economic citizens of Dominica. Read more


Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Dominica opens

Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Dominica officially has opened its doors to discerning travelers around the world. The resort is the second venture of Kempinski Hotels in this region and Dominica’s newest five-star resort. Read more

Kempinski’s First Caribbean Resort Is Open in Dominica

The hottest Caribbean hotel opening of 2019 is here.

Kempinski’s first-ever Caribbean resort has officially opened its doors in the north of Dominica.

The 151-room Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski Dominica resort is a monumental new addition to an island that has always been one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean. Read more


Reputable Vietnamese Are Eligible for Dominican Citizenship by Investment – the Best in the World According to FT Experts

The Financial Times’ publication – Professional Wealth Management – released the abridged Vietnamese version of its CBI Index. Every year, the special report compares all the legislated programmes in the world that can offer certain foreign investors the option of obtaining second citizenship in exchange for an investment into the country’s economy. These are known as citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes. Of all 13 programmes currently active in the world, for the third consecutive year, FT experts found that Dominica is the best country for economic citizenship. Read more


Citizenship by Investment to make up half of Dominica’s total revenue

During his annual budget address, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, emphasised the key role the island’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme plays in boosting the country’s economic performance. According to statistics presented before the Dominican Parliament, the CBI Programme is expected to make up 51% of Dominica’s total recurrent revenue and 25% of its estimated GDP for the upcoming 2019-2020 fiscal year. Read more

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Is Better Than European, New Financial Times Report Finds

FT experts awarded Dominica the number one spot for the third consecutive year, scoring it with full marks in five pillars. “Dominica emerged once more as the country with the world’s best citizenship by investment programme, combining extensive due diligence with efficiency, speed, affordability, and reliability,” comment the authors. Qualifying contributions start at US$100,000 for single applicants. Alternatively, PWM says that “Dominica’s real estate option has flourished”, requiring minimum investments of US$200,000 in CBI-approved hotels and resorts. Notably, the reputable CBI Programme is credited for significantly supporting Dominica’s feat to become “the world’s first climate-resilient nation”, as pledged by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. Read more

World-Class Real Estate Strengthens Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme

Dominica has been running its world-leading Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme for over a quarter of a century, and stands out for its affordability, integrity, reliability and sponsoring climate resilience. Last week, the head of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit, Emmanuel Nanthan, attended a special private dinner hosted by environmentally sensitive Tranquility Beach Resort at the Hilton Conrad Dubai Hotel. Several other high-ranking officials from Dominica joined the event, including the Resident Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Hubert J. Charles, and the CEO of Tranquility Beach, Ian A.W. Edwards. Read more

CBI-Approved Sanctuary Rainforest Eco-Resort Makes Way for New Dominica – CS Global Partners

The Sanctuary Rainforest Eco-Resort and Spa is the latest hotel development exemplifying Dominica’s commitment to building sustainability. As an upcoming leader in ecotourism, Sanctuary Rainforest joins a growing list of resorts rooted in environmentally sensitive values rising on this small Caribbean island. Importantly, its shares are already available under the island’s world-leading Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme, with successful investors being able to receive both ROI and citizenship. Read more


Dominica Proofs Homes Against Climate Change Using Citizenship by Investment Funds – CS Global Partners

Another thirty-three Dominican families will benefit from new affordable homes by the end of June as part of the Skerrit administration’s larger plan to build 5,000 homes around the Caribbean island, called the ‘Housing Revolution’. The Government Information Service (GIS) of Dominica recently detailed some of the latest updates concerning the Grand Fond Housing Project on its ‘National Focus’ segment. Read more


After EY, New Smith & Williamson Report Categorically Rejects Assumption That Dominica’s CBI Programme Facilitates Tax Evasion

UK-based financial services firm Smith & Williamson released a new report this month, titled Citizenship vs Residency: The Taxation Implications of Citizenship by Investment Programmes. It explores the tax consequences of an individual participating in Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme and concludes that there is no negative impact either on Dominica or on jurisdictions that had taxed the individual prior to his becoming an economic citizen. Read more


Dominica’s CBI Programme Poses No Risk to Facilitating Tax Evasion, Top UK Firm Finds – CS Global Partners

Dominica is at the forefront of a new report released this month by Smith & Williamson, a UK-based financial services firm. Titled Citizenship vs Residency: The Taxation Implications of Citizenship by Investment Programmes, the report explores the tax consequences of an individual participating in Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. It concludes that there is no negative impact either on Dominica or on jurisdictions that had taxed the individual prior to his becoming an economic citizen. Read more

Citizenship by investment project: The Residences at Secret Bay launches in Dubai

Dominica’s premier luxury resort offers first-of-its-kind Caribbean citizenship by investment opportunity, with completed villas, proven financial performance and a competitive exit strategy. Read more


Dominica expands public housing programme, funded by citizenship by investment

The government of Dominica announced last week that it had commissioned the construction of 32 new, affordable, and, crucially, weather-resistant homes for Bellevue Rawle families in the Roseau North Constituency as part of Dominica’s ‘Housing Revolution.’ Once finished, the national project will count 5,000 new homes for residents across the island. Read more


Jungle Bay Villas ~ February 2019 Update

New Eco-Luxury Villas in Dominica Become Eligible for Citizenship by Investment – CS Global Partners

42 villas in The Residences at Secret Bay are now available under Dominica’s CBI Programme for a USD218,000 investment per share. Award-winning eco-luxury hotel also announces 360 taster visits for interested investors and agents… Read more

Dominica’s Year of Success: “Always count on Dominica to be on the good and safe side”

Dominica is no stranger to success, which is all the more impressive when taking into consideration the number of challenges that beset the island in the last year. Since Hurricane Maria’s passage in 2017, Dominica has shown nothing but determination and resilience to return to its former glory – which it has.

While there have been many factors involved in Dominica’s resurgence, the island’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme had a substantial part to play. Since 1993, the programme has allowed the Commonwealth island to advance its national development through offering globally-minded individuals a second citizenship unlike any other…Read More

Hurricane-Proof Dominica: Investors Join Forces And See The Caribbean Country Flourish

After pledging to become “the world’s first climate-resilient nation”, Dominica demonstrates its economy is hurricane-proof, partly thanks to its world-leading Citizenship by Investment programme. Moreover, this small Caribbean island was praised for its recent ban on single-use plastic and its devotion to innovative engineering research that could help others minimise the consequences of destructive adverse weather, as experienced by the east coast of the US following hurricane Florence landfall. This philosophy is ingrained in Dominica’s Global Community mindset, which believes in caring not only for native or economic citizens, but the world as one…Read More

Dominica awarded world’s best country for second citizenship

Independent report declares Dominica an attractive investment prospect for international businesspersons.

For the second year running, Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme has finished first in a special report issued by Financial Times subsidiary Professional Wealth Management…Read More

How Dominica’s CBI is Changing the Lives of its Citizens

During his recent Budget Address, Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced the crucial role the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme plays in improving the lives of this Caribbean nation.

According to PM Skerrit, the CBI Programme is estimated to bring an extra EC$406.6 million to the country’s revenues in the coming year. One of the new directions the funds are used for is an ambitious Housing and Resettlement project to address the standard of living of the locals post-Maria…Read More

World Finance: An enticing citizenship by investment opportunity in the Caribbean

The Commonwealth of Dominica, not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, is a small island in the Lesser Antilles archipelago. While renowned for its idyllic beauty, untainted waters and verdant rainforest, Dominica is much more than just a picturesque holiday destination with tranquil scenery. The Dominican people are entrepreneurial in their approach, and the island has the international network to prove it.

Since 1993, Dominica has been home to one of the world’s first citizenship by investment programmes, offering international businesspeople the opportunity to benefit from the island’s increasingly global perspective…Read More

Public And Private Sectors To Benefit From CBI-Funded Special Employment Programme

In an effort to stem unemployment on the island, the Government of Dominica announced that it will be using Citizenship By Investment (CBI) funds to stimulate economic and social recovery through the Special Employment Programme.

Ambassador Steve Ferrol, Cabinet Secretary of the Government of Dominica, revealed that the “Special Employment Programme” will be an innovative and proactive one that will run for six months in the first instance and lead to the creation of 1100 jobs…Read More

The Revival Of Dominica’s Hospitality Sector After Hurricane Maria

Hotels today are much more than just a place to sleep and rest. Many travelers view them as an integral part of a gateway experience. With the recent boom in CBI-financed hospitality real estate in Dominica, the island is continuing to move closer to boasting hotels that are as much a selling point as the destination itself.

Upon completion, some of the Caribbean’s most luxurious eco-spa resorts, all designed and constructed with updated hurricane resistant building codes, will be nestled within Dominica’s most picturesque communities where citizens will be afforded opportunities such as employment or as horticultural and agricultural suppliers for the properties…Read More

Groundbreaking ceremony marks exciting new development opportunity for Dominica CBI

Signalling the beginning of construction, a groundbreaking ceremony has been held for the highly anticipated Anichi Resort and Spa in Picard, Dominica.

Supported by prestige brand Marriott International, Anichi Resort and Spa is one of a variety of development opportunities authorised to receive investment through Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, thereby allowing investors to obtain citizenship of Dominica…Read More

Updates to the Programme

For applications submitted effective immediately until March 31, 2018…Read More

“Business as usual”: Citizenship by Investment Unit continues processing applications for citizenship despite island’s challenges

In keeping with the stability and resilience for which the programme and the island of Dominica is known, the Citizenship by Investment Unit is back in full operation, following the events of last week.

Owing to the rigorous processes that have been established over years of refinement, the Unit has had minimal disturbance to the processing of applications, and continues to provide the product that has been widely acclaimed as the world’s best citizenship by investment programme…Read More

Five ways CBI contributed to Dominica in 2017

Dominica’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Programme continues to gain popularity in the market place and this has translated to a steady injection of funds into the island’s key developmental projects and industries. Here are five success stories from the programme in 2017, providing boosts to the nation’s economy and solidifying a positive future for Dominica and its people…Read More

“Dominica has worked tirelessly over decades to become the leader” Prime Minister Skeritt responds to the country’s strong performance in the CBI Index

Following Dominica’s top ranking in a newly released Citizenship by Investment Index (CBI Index), Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skeritt, has shared his thoughts on the results.In a study launched recently by Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management, the Programme ranked highest against the 12 other countries who provide programmes worldwide.

With a final score of 90%, and perfect results in aspects testing affordability, ease of processing, as well as due diligence, Prime Minister Skeritt commented on the results in respect to the longevity of the Programme…Read More

Dominica Ranked World’s Best Citizenship by Investment Programme

The Commonwealth of Dominica has reaffirmed its status as an industry leader, receiving top marks in the inaugural Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Index – a newly launched Special Report published by the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management (PWM) magazine.

Despite increasing competition in a growing market, Dominica placed first out of the 12 countries currently occupying the economic citizenship industry…Read More

Caribbean countries plan for future Citizenship by Investment

The five Caribbean nations who offer Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programmes have met to discuss new ways they can work together, particularly in respect to due diligence.

On Friday, countries belonging to the OECS (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) attended a meeting in Saint Lucia, and reinforced their collective commitment to maintaining strong international credibility in respect to their CBI programmes…Read More

CBIU Funds New Sports Complex in Dominica

The Prime Minister, Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, announced that Dominica’s new multi-sport complex, a project estimated to cost $40 million, will be fully financed by the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has been in existence since 1993, and is one of the most trusted economic citizenship options in the world, drawing applicants from all continents…Read More

The Jungle Bay Eco Resort

Perched on an expansive 20-acre plot that used to be part of the Elrose estate that overlooks Scotts Head, the under-construction Jungle Bay Eco Resort will integrate some of the original artefacts into the property when it’s complete. The 60-villa property will boast and two of the Caribbean’s largest yoga studios and will provide full-time employment for at least one hundred citizens when complete…Read More

Citizenship by Investment Funds Roadworks in Grand Bay

Over EC$1 million (around US$370,000) in funds generated by our Citizenship by Investment Programme will be used to sponsor roadworks in the Grand Bay Area. The project, funded on seven contracts signed on 5 April 2017, will be essential to improving access to homes and businesses, and will ensure that our roads are made safer for use. Amongst the envisioned changes is the transformation of dirt roads into concrete roads, as well as essential drainage work…Read More

Petite Savanne Constituency Receives CBI Funds Amounting to EC$1,212,441

Our Citizenship by Investment Programme is once again playing a key role in sustaining our people, revitalising our economy, and supporting our country’s journey to prosperity, as over EC$1.2 million of Programme funds were presented to the Petite Savanne Constituency for infrastructure rehabilitation and enhancement projects…Read More

Layou Benefits from Outputs of Citizenship by Investment Programme

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme continues to contribute to the wellbeing of our citizens, as funds are reinvested in local communities and our island’s entrepreneurs. Early in the New Year, $100,000 was presented to the Chairman of the Layou Improvement Committee, Mr Lazare Charles, whose task is to oversee the development of the Layou community…Read More

Dominica Hiosts CIPA Meeting

On 15–16 December 2016, Dominica was the proud host of the December 2016 Citizenship by Investment Programmes Association (CIPA) Meeting. The CIPA is composed of five nations: Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Antigua and Barbuda, each of which have adopted citizenship by investment in their laws, and developed programmes to attract investment into their nations…Read More

Growth Predicted for Dominica’s Economy

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has confirmed economic growth for Dominica for the next two years. Speaking on Wednesday, 11th January 2017, His Excellency Timothy Antoine, Governor of the ECCB, forecasted a 3.2% economic growth for 2017 and 2018…Read More

International Hotel Brand Welcomed to Dominica

Marriott International will be spearheading a new luxury hotel development project in Dominica. The project, which will be part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection, will play an instrumental role in attracting visitors to the island and redefining Dominica’s tourism industry…Read More

Signing ceremony held between Dominica and three real estate developers under the CBI Programme

Monday, 5 September 2016 marked an important milestone in the development of luxury real estate in the Commonwealth of Dominica, as the Government signed agreements with three developers to become part of the nation’s Citizenship by Investment Programme pre-approved real estate option. The three developers are Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd, represented by Mr Alick Lawrence, Ay Ay Holdings Caribbean Ltd, represented by Mr Samuel Raphael, and Bois Cotlette Estate Inc., represented by Mrs Rose-Anne Charles…Read More 

Dominica Prime Minister 2016 Budget Speech

On 26th July 2016, during the financial budget announcement for 2016/2017, Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit endorsed the nation’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, noting that it stands as an “important non-tax earner” and a “credible means of financing development.”…Read More

Dominica Wins Award for Best Caribbean Citizenship Programme

The Commonwealth of Dominica received international recognition on 30 June 2016, as its Citizenship by Investment Programme won the Russian Global Citizen Awards 2016 ‘Best Caribbean Citizenship Programme’ category. This year’s Awards Ceremony took place at the Russian Global Citizen Awards Gala Dinner at the Hotel Villa Padierna Urbanización Los Flamingos Golf, in Marbella…Read More 

Prime Minister opens 37th regular meeting of the conference of Caricom and Heads of Government

Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, is presiding over the 37th Regular Meeting of the Conference of CARICOM Heads of Government, spanning from 5 to 6 July, as the Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)…Read More

Head of Dominica’s CBIU Visits Dubai as Seminar Guest of Honour

On 16 May 2016, His Excellency Emmanuel Nanthan, Head of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) and Ambassador at Large for the Commonwealth of Dominica, attended one of the Middle East’s largest immigration seminars as the Guest of Honour. The key topic of discussion was Dominica’s celebrated Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme, which was first launched in 1993…Read More

Dominica improves laws for foreign investment in real estate

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica continues in its relentless effort to make the island more attractive to foreign investors, as demonstrated by the passing of the Alien Land Holding Regulation Amendment Act of 2015. The Act modifies the existing law on the purchase of real estate by foreign investors to allow them to pay a flat transfer of land fee of USD$ 6,000 instead of a fee based on 10% of the total cost of the real estate…Read More

Dominica’s Prime Minister meets UK Government Officials to discuss Erika after effects

On 31 May 2016, Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, met with Baroness Sandip Verma, the United Kingdom’s Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development, and with Colleen Wainwright, Head of the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) Caribbean and Director of the Caribbean Development Bank…Read More

Dominica approves new project for CBI Programme

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has approved a new real estate project for its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. The project, known as Tranquillity Beach Dominica, will be managed by Curio – a collection of Hilton International, and will be a 73-room hotel with various amenities, including a spa, a gym, a restaurant, conference facilities, and more…Read More