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Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

If you are considering updating your bathroom the first thing you need to do is look around and make note of the things that you love and want to keep, the things you hate and the things that definitely need to either go or be updated. Make a list of the features you want to include in your new bathroom design and highlight what you need the most and what will be more practical given your budget and the size of your bathroom space.

When it comes to any major home remodeling or renovation project hiring a professional may seem costly when considering upfront costs but investing in a designer or architect to oversee your renovation project is always worth the expense in the long run. Setting up a plan with a designer or an architect will help keep your project within budget and will provide the assurance that the project will be completed within an expected timeline. Be sure to use the assistance of professionals for your plumbing and electrical works as well.

If you simply plan on doing a minor update to your bathroom then we suggest you do the following:

  • Update the toilet: if your toilet is still functional and is not outdated consider simply replacing the toilet lid and seat rather than throwing out the entire toilet and purchasing a new one. By just replacing these two components you will give the toilet a new look while saving time and money.
  • Use alternatives to tiles: instead of having tiles throughout the entire bathroom consider including other wall and flooring alternatives. While wood requires more maintenance than tiles, laminated or engineered wood panels or bead boards can provide a truly elegant look and a comfortable feel to your bathroom.
  • Use mirrors effectively: bathroom mirrors serve a greater purpose than providing a reflection. Having a mirror in the bathroom will aid in visually expanding the size of the room without undergoing an extension project, as well as brightening up the room. If your bathroom space is much smaller than you desire but you cannot afford to make the room physically bigger, consider purchasing a large wall-to-wall mirror which will make the room feel twice as big.
  • Storage: an elegant way to store and organize items in the bathroom while keeping them out of sight is by including an armoire with shelving. Installing hooks to hang towels is one of the easiest ways to add surface area when you have limited space. If you want to ensure that items are well organized inside of your drawers, drawer dividers are one way to help.


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