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Make Your Bedroom Healthier

The health and well-being of you and your family should be one of your top concerns. There are countless ways and methods that can be used to maintain healthy living within the home. Today we take a look at the bedroom and discuss 3 measures that can be taken to make it healthier.


  • Improve Air Quality:

Fresh air provides numerous benefits to our overall well-being. Fresh air is good for digestion. Clean air improves individual’s blood pressure and heart rate, as well strengthens our immune system. Not only does it provide physical benefits, breathing in clean air makes us happier in general. Ensure that your bedroom is well ventilated; keep windows open as frequently as possible to allow the constant circulation of air throughout the bedroom.  Also, consider including plants in the bedroom. Plants take in Carbon dioxide and release Oxygen which we need.


  • Keep it Clean:

In order to maintain a healthy environment in your bedroom cleanliness is important. Change your sheets and pillow cases regularly to fight against germs and help your bedding last longer. In addition it is wise to rotate your mattress regularly (about every 3 months), to ensure even wear and tear. Regular maintenance is extremely important because the amount of dead skin, grime, and dust mites that gather on bedding can cause problems from asthma to acne. In regards to the entire bedroom in general, ensure that it is regularly dusted and clutter free.


  • Keep out Toxins:

To keep your bedroom healthy it is recommended that all finishings, materials and coatings should be natural and non-toxic. While you wouldn’t want to use toxins anywhere in your home the bedroom should be the number one priority. It is fundamentally important that nothing is releasing toxic chemicals into your bedroom while you sleep. When choosing furnishings for the bedroom make your selections based on health. Purchase furniture constructed out of solid wood or very low emissions plywoods, and try to avoid using synthetic fabrics and foams.


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