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Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are metal structures constructed with steel for internal support as well as exterior covering. They first gained popularity in the early 20th century and have become more popular today, not only in the commercial sector but for residential buildings as well. They offer a wide range of advantages over other more commonly used construction materials such as lumber, brick and concrete.

  • Steel buildings are durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions such as earthquakes and hurricanes. They are also more durable against fire. While no material is one hundred percent ‘fireproof’, steel is definitely more fire resistant than wood.
  • Steel buildings can last for years with minimal wear and tear and require little maintenance. Unlike wood and concrete, they are resistant to infestation of pests such as termites, cracks, splitting and rotting. Therefore structural damage is less likely to occur.
  • Steel can be virtually molded into any shape. Thus making steel buildings an attractive option for residential projects. It provides Architects and Designers with the option to design creative and unique structures that are both safe and resilient.
  • Steel is adaptable and can be altered when needed. Wall frames made from steel can be shifted easily to widen the space of the room or create an entirely new interior building layout. This makes it easier to expand buildings.