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Ten Things to Expect From an Architect

  1. Listening skills.

Architects need to listen carefully to the wants and needs of clients, since this will be the basis upon which the project will be developed.  A project is never really complete unless the customer is satisfied.


  1. Communication skills.

Architects must have excellent communication skills and be able to discuss with clients, builders, suppliers etc in a way that all parties’ needs and wants are clearly understood.  The importance of precise and effective communication cannot be greater emphasized.


  1. Ability to solve problems.

Clients rely on the architect’s ability to think outside the box for creative solutions to problems as soon as they arise or even before they arise. A great architect has sharp problem solving skills.


  1. Excellent Design skills.

Architects themselves are trained to have an eye for good designs and a mind full of creative and aesthetically pleasing designs.  Architectural designs ought to cover both beauty and functionality.


  1. Expertise throughout the process.

An architect should be capable of efficiently producing the fundamental aspects of a design including Conceptual and Schematic Design, and Design Development.


  1. Understanding building codes and other safety issues.

In addition to the architect’s design and technical knowledge, they should keep abreast of local building codes and safety regulations.


  1. Product knowledge and recommendations.

Another thing that good architects should have is a sound knowledge of products and materials.  New products are on the market every day – from countertops, to deck surfaces to energy efficient equipment. Architects should be up to date with these changes so that they can properly advise clients on available products and most suitable materials, and possibly their prices and sources.


  1. Team spirit and co-operation.

The successful completion of any project is dependent on the co-operation of team members.  The better the relationship between the people who make up the team the more likely it is for the project to go smoothly.


  1. Education, experience and credentials.

Your architect should be a licensed architect and should be willing and able to provide a list (long or short) of satisfied clients.



  1. Passion for the profession.

The best architectural designs come from architects who are passionate and enamored about their work. This is almost always reflected in the quality of their designs.