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Tips to a Well-organized Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it needs to be well-organized. A kitchen with things out of place gives a feeling of discomfort and may slow down your activities.  So let’s see how we can clear out and clean up.


Get started:-

Stand back and take a long look at your kitchen. Would a helpful guest know where, logically, to locate a spatula, frying pan, blender or serving tray? Is there enough counter space for prep work? Is there wasted space – above wall cabinets or in the corners of base cabinets, for example – that can be used to add more storage?

Clear the kitchen in stages. Start with your wall cabinets then empty base cabinets, pantry and refrigerator.

Examine every item; get rid of anything you don’t use regularly or haven’t touched in a year(s). Usable items that you don’t want should be given away to a local charity; toss anything opened, damaged or past its use-by date.

Clean the refrigerator and storage cabinets thoroughly. Consider painting cabinet and drawer interiors in a high-gloss tone or giving them a coat of polyurethane if made of wood so they can be wiped clean easily.

Put back only items you know you will use, and organize according to where you are likely to use them – spices, utensils and cookware near your stove or cooktop, for example.

Here are some useful organizing tips:-

-Insert or add additional shelves to cabinets to increase storage capacity.

-Use drawer dividers or in-drawer trays to organize silverware and other eating utensils.

-Designate a place for every category of item so you know ahead of time where something is going so it does not spend time taking up needed counter space.

-Utilize any wasted/unused space above wall cabinets or in the corners of base cabinets.

-Only leave those appliances that are generally used on a daily basis on the counter unless if they have dedicated storage space in a location which is convenient for their use.

-Ensure that a practical method of refuse, disposal and storage is being used.

-Make sure nothing is placed in a position where it blocks electrical outlets.