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Using the Design Element of Shape

We cannot discount the natural sense that many people have of design but when designing with an untrained eye, you either hit or miss terribly. Our architects have been trained in design, and thought it would be helpful to share with you some of the elements of design that are useful in achieving a functional and aesthetically pleasing room. This article will shed light on the “shape” element of design.

The shape element of design involves the use of shapes to achieve a specific effect. Using different shapes of objects in a room can have an effect on its atmosphere. Curve shaped objects in a room create a soft/warm effect while rectangular or square shaped objects make a room appear hard/cold. Here are a few tips which would make simple for a homeowner to use the shape element of design.


  • When designing or furnishing a room there must be a plan as to what effect you want to achieve in that particular room. The effect you seek to achieve in your study/work area would be different from your game/entertainment room.


  • Having a mish mash or a melee of shapes, which is often the case, reduces the rooms visual appeal. So it is best to decide before hand whether you are sticking to round edges or you are sticking to triangular shaped pieces.


  • Using different shapes can be used in a room but it would be used to highlight a focal point or unique piece (furniture/décor item). Also, different shapes can be used to show the difference in use of space in a room. For example, if your dining area is open to your living room. In addition, you may use a different type of shape for center room furniture from those that are touching or hung on your wall.


  • Finally, the shape element can be incorporated into the arrangement of your furniture and décor items. Your placement of these items can be used to create a shape. This will help your design be more organized.


Look out for information on the other elements of design in the near future.