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Home Office

“Make Thousands of Dollars Working From Home!”


You’ve been seeing these ads around right?  Although many of these turn out to be scams there are quite a few genuine “work from home” jobs.  There is actually an increase in remote jobs within many common industries like sales and marketing, real estate and information technology where the concept of working from home falls quite conveniently.


Working from home provides much convenience but in order to be efficient in performing duties, persons are encouraged to have an appropriate work area which will allow them to separate office work from house chores.  Today we share 5 simple tips to assist you in working effectively at home.


  1. If you have an extra room, a garage or an area that is seldom used, dedicate that area for working or convert it into an office. You may consider adding another room if there’s sufficient yard space.  This will actually increase the value of your home.


  1. Once the space is set out, choose the most appropriate furniture and fitting (be mindful of the size of your designated office space). Your health may be the top contributing factor to the furniture you choose.  If you are one of the people who complain of back pain and eye strains, consult your doctor before choosing your furniture and equipment (computer etc.).  If you are not, you should still choose wisely to reduce your risk of suffering from those ailments in the future.


  1. Get all distractions away from your office space. Televisions, games and even house hold chores are common distractions.  Take the television and similar devises away.  Ensure your office chair is not facing areas like your kitchen where you may spot some dirty dishes staring at you.


  1. An organized office encourages efficiency. An office desk with draws would be useful for some storage and should be considered when choosing office furniture.  Depending on the amount of documents you need to store, consider investing in a filing cabinet or shelves.


  1. Personalize your office space. Don’t over accessorize so that it creates a distraction, remember we are eliminating distractions, but a little personal touch, say something that inspires you, can go a long way.


You need to make sure that your work space or office at home has the right location, furniture and setup to allow you to be physically and mentally prepared to perform your duties most efficiently.