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Say I do in the Nature Isle

I’m thinking of things we can do in Dominica and the first thing that came to my mind is GET MARRIED!  I’m already married but I can always consider renewing my vows in one of those lovely locations here.  Although Dominica is often referred to as untouched, this is an advantage because we can enjoy almost entirely free of charge, the Hot Water Springs, Waterfalls, Lakes, Rivers, Beaches, Forests, Flora and Funa, as well as the God Fearing and Loving People.


What comes to mind when you think of romance? PRIVACY, SECLUSION, QUIETNESS, JOY, COMFORT.  Picture yourself in a cottage surrounded by nature; birds chirping, the sound of a water fall or river flowing nearby, the smell of the forest, the cozy wooden structure, ohh the list can go on and on… and all of that with a loved one.


In addition to the beauty and comfort offered here in Dominica, getting married is pretty simple.


It basically involves obtaining and submitting to Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs a completed marriage application form, a valid passport(s), original birth certificates and EC$7.5 postage stamps. A Non-marriage Certificate or Statutory Declaration attesting to the marriage status of applicants is also required; in cases where one or both of the applicants are divorced a Decree Absolute is needed, if one spouse died a Death Certificate is needed and in cases where an applicant changed their name a Deed Poll in required.  In cases where relevant documents are not in English, an authentic translation is needed. 


Once the documents are reviewed the applicant can pay relevant fees at the Accounts section.  These fees are:

  • Licence Application Fee – EC$300.00
  • Additional fee for licence granted under Section 39 (2) where applicants do not meet the two (2) day residency requirements – EC$200.00
  • Weekend or public holiday processing fee – EC$204.00


Additional information, details and assistance can be obtained from Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs.


Ok, we’ve dealt with the serious stuff let’s ponder on the experience of honeymooning in the nature isle.


Some say that Dominica is one of the most exotic and romantic places in the Caribbean and although I haven’t visited sooo many places I must agree from what I’ve seen so far.  There are many locations to choose from, from Calibishie Lodges and Secret Bay in the North to Jungle Bay in the East.  If you are a town person then there is the Fort Young Hotel, Garraway Hotel and Flamboyant Hotel.  Even in the midst of our forests are cottages and eco-lodges such as cocoa cottages offering that natural, calm, snug, pleasant and romantic environment.


Getting married? Take advantage of nature or better yet, the Nature Isle.  Not yet ready to say I DO? A romantic weekend with the significant other is also a reason to enjoy the nature isle.