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Seven (7) Tips for Improving Curb Appeal

Have you ever heard of the term curb appeal or wondered what it meant? Well, Real Estate Agents use this term to refer to the general attractiveness of a property from those looking from the street or a distance. First impressions are as important to a home as it is with individuals. Every new visitor that sees your home from the outside begins to imagine what the interior looks like, and if the outside is a mess the enthusiasm to look within decreases as well as the overall impression of the home. If you are planning on selling your property, making it available for rent, or simply want to make your home look attractive try improving the curb appeal by making these 7 design alterations to suit your style.

Add a Walkway: Walkways that are well designed are inviting and provide a sense of warmth and comfort to the home. Visitors will feel welcomed to your home walking along that brick or concrete path leading straight to your front door.

Give Your Driveway a Makeover: After years of wear and tear your driveway may be cracked, or covered with potholes. Repair these damages to make the driveway look as good as new. Also, define the driveway by installing a border along the edges to give an elegant look.

Tile Those Stairs: Tiles are guaranteed to add style and make anywhere stand out when compared to plain flooring. Add tiles to your outdoor stairs to make them stand out.

Repaint Your Walls and Front Door: A fresh coat of paint can transform your home providing a more welcoming environment into your house. And while painting the walls do not forget the door or if possible have a new one installed. Consider doors with decorative glass for a greater feel of grace and elegance.

Illuminate the Outdoors: Not only do lights leading to the entryway of your home look good and welcome guests arriving at night, it also provides safety and security by decreasing dark places within the yard for intruders to lurk. Solar lights are the perfect choice because they do not require electricity or distracting cables.

Mother Nature Can Help: Beautiful flowers can be planted in strategic locations throughout the property. Hedges can be used to surround the yard or planted along the drive and walkway. Ensure that hedges and other plants/flowers are neatly arranged and properly trimmed.

Invest in porch furniture: Improve the look and feel of your porch by adding furniture. This makes the home feel relaxing and welcoming to visitors.